Friday, July 2, 2010

London -- and to home

Today I walked around London and then met up with a friend of a friend in the evening. Overall it was a nice day. Tomorrow I leave the guest house where I'm staying for the airport at 5:20am or something... which is 12:20am East Coast time... not like anyone is taking note of that or anything! I'm looking forward to arriving in Maryland in time for some fireworks:-). Seems like a very poetic time of year to come home to the US from Britain, doesn't it? I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow. Please don't expect too much intelligent conversation, though:-). I will probably be a little out of it!

I know I have lots of pics to catch up on. I'll post them at some point soon!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Phil Wickham - You're Beautiful.mp4

Good Morning,

I love this and just thought I'd share it. Have a wonderful day!

Bradford, Day 22

I had an absolutely wonderful day today. I went to Haworth today with the intention of spending some time alone with God and taking a nice walk into the moors near the Bronte house. I got to do that and God surprised me by having different plans for my time than I did, which was really good. In the evening I went to the youth group meeting for the church I've been attending here. I really enjoy the students:-)!

I'll have to post some pictures, but at the moment I'm too tired. Tomorrow if I can get on the internet. I'll be traveling to London tomorrow.