Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bradford, Day 8

Today was lovely! I guess it's apparent that I've been having a great time here in the UK...

In the morning, Bob went to take his written driver's test so he can get a UK license. He passed with flying colors, which is quite a feat, apparently! During that time, Kathryn and I spent some time praying together in their beautiful conservatory and then worked in the garden. It was bright, sunny, and actually quite warm!

After lunch, Bob and Kathryn took me to Bolton Abbey, which is located in the Yorkshire Dales. The whole experience was a feast for my eyes. We got to go through towns that must look very similar to how they looked 300 years ago, which I find pretty cool. And here are some pictures!

Bonus, this is the gnocchi dinner we had last night. It was SO good and was so pretty I had to take a picture of it!

Bradford, Day 7

Today was beautiful! Most of the day was spent with Bob and Kathryn doing a variety of things, and I also got back to the woods to do some running and to take some pictures!!!

Remind anyone of Rapunzel? Me either, but somehow that is what I had in mind!

One angle of the ruin.

There are fields with sheep in them on the other side of those trees.

This is pretty much the whole ruin.

Me in the pretty woods with the ruins in the background.

I stopped on the run back to take a picture of these beauties!