Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Here!

Just wanted to let you all know that I made it safely -- with all of my luggage and everything inside -- and am at my friends' apartment. Everything went well. Thanks (again) for your prayers.


I made it to Moscow! My iPhone tells me it is 4:56am at home and it is 12:56pm here. Apparently Moscow is only one hour behind Dubai, so I'm trying to get started working through the jet lag by adjusting to this time today.

My flight was good. I sat next to a 9 and a half year old who was coming alone to Russia to spend a few weeks with her grandmother. She was very sweet... and extremely excited... and didn't quite understand that sleeping as much as possible on the plane would be a good idea and make today much more fun (although I tried to convince her:-)). I think we both got at least a couple of hours... so I'm very thankful for that.

Overall it was a pretty painless flight! Thank you again for your prayers!!!

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On My Way

Hi Friends!

I'm at the Dulles airport waiting to board my flight to Moscow. I'm excited because, so far at least, things have gone much smoother than expected. I am using Kara's backpacking backpack (THANKS AGAIN) and everything, including some things L & C asked me to bring to Dubai, fit perfectly! The weight was fine and the airline didn't even charge me to check it (I thought it was going to be $50). I picked up Blink (Malcolm Gladwell) at Borders here in the airport, which should be an interesting travel read. I'll let you know if anything jumps out at me. Otherwise I have a "play away" from the library with East of Eden (Steinbeck) on it, and I plan to finish that as I work on my crochet project. I'm also studying 1 Corinthians with my Bible study, so I should have plenty to keep myself occupied! I'll post this once I get somewhere with free wifi or to Dubai, and will let you know how the traveling goes. Thanks for your prayers.

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