Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

A few friends reminded me that it is the Fourth of July today. To all of my American friends and family, Happy Independence Day!

I remembered today that my last 4th post was about how suitable it seemed for me to be returning to the States from England on a day marking such significant history between the two countries. That trip was a big turning point for me as I considered what I was going to do with this year. Thinking about that today reminded me of how huge this last year has been. I didn't know then that I would move back to the UK for the fall, or that I would spend seven months in Palestine and Israel. I am thankful for where God has taken me this year and for all I have learned. There is still much processing ahead, but I know I have been challenged and grown already.

Thanks for tracking with me over the last year and a half. It has been a wild ride (which doesn't look like it'll be over any time soon)!

For now, here is a 4th of July trip down memory lane... these are the types of things you'd catch me doing if I were in America today:

Chilling with my family and friends. Picture from 4 July 2009.

Dressed in RED, WHITE, and BLUE. Picture taken 4 July 2008.

Watching fireworks with some of these people in Catonsville. Picture from 4 July 2008.

OK, this picture is just to remind me how American I can be. The football field just seals the deal. Picture taken 4 July 2008.

If given the opportunity, playing lawn games. Yes, this is a day I do think lawn games are kinda fun. Picture from 4 July 2005.

Playing croquette with my family. Picture from 4 July 2005.

Enjoying old friends, enjoying laying on the ground and watching the sky show. Photo from 4 July 2005.
Add to this eating lots of yummy food (including hamburgers, hot dogs, and watermelon), and I think you have the picture! I hope those at home are having a wonderful time celebrating the holiday.

Hebron Camp Day 2

Day 2 of the Hebron camp was really good. In my room the kids made picture frames and we all showed signs of knowing each other more. The only problem with my craft was that the kids all finished very early, so we needed something to do. Ever try teaching a group of 6-12 year olds how to play duck-duck-goose when you don't speak their language? It's an experience worth having:-). We had 50 of us playing at one time! I'm thankful no one fell into one of the concrete walls while running their heart out!

Here are some pictures from the day:
The barely controlled chaos of the craft room as the kids worked.
Making the mosaic frame.