Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cars are Bouncy

During my recent walk, I was thinking about how we have an incorrect perception in the States that cars are easily breakable and should avoid brushing up against things. If we mis-estimate a distance we feel pretty bad. If our cars get a little character (scratch) we get upset.

Drivers here bounce cars and trucks off of lots of things --walls, buildings, concrete blocks, parked cars, and sometimes even low roofs of buildings. It happens all the time, and I witness it regularly.

So if you are in doubt about a distance between your car and something, maybe just give it a try. Probably the worst that'll happen is that you'll bounce -- and really, who doesn't like doing that?

Note: Jenni, guardian of my car, this post is not relevant for you.


  1. Since Jenny is traveling & I actually have the car... Does this apply to me?


  2. BAHAHAH!!! Laura, I love you! And it's very true. I was just sharing the other day that having a terrible noisy squeaky old car made me feel safer when I was driving through a not-so-great part of the city.... sometimes having an older and louder vehicle can act as camouflage too ;) O, I miss my old station wagon!


  3. Garr-- Oh, I should have been more specific... this doesn't apply to my car. It's in a delicate condition at the moment because it misses me so much, I'm not sure it can take the added pressure of needing to bounce at this time. Most of the time cars like bouncing... I just don't think mine does without me in it.

    Katrina-- I agree, I used to hate how boring my car is and then realized how nice it is to have a car that police don't even see (because everyone and their mom has it) and that I didn't need to worry about things like where I park it and etc.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, guys! :-)