Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Settled

I know... it is high time I write a post! It is always easier for me to write about new things... places I've gone, etc, than about an experience that feels more "normal." I guess that's the nature of an adventure blog. I have had a wonderful month of homecomings, which have in fact felt pretty normal... a WONDERFUL thing! I am now back in Bradford. Although this month has involved plenty of travel, they have been comfortable, getting settled in places I know with people I know.

I feel really blessed to have friends around, work to do, and a great place to stay. Here are some pictures from the last month.

Deb, Katrina and I went to Arundel Mills Mall in MD. We found these CRAZY fluorescent patent leather shoes there. I'm sure they'll be all the rage soon -- we had a great time playing around in them.

After doing a pretty good workout we decided to go to a local restaurant for a huuuuge late lunch. It was spectacular. I love and miss these women too much... they make my life amazing.

And of course, it is absolutely wonderful to be back in the same location with Kagi:-).


  1. Normal posts are good, too!

    I like the shoes-- Deb actually can pull them off. I hope she got some.

    Where did you do the workout and where did you eat lunch? It warms me inside just to hear of familiar places :-) Also, did you get Deb to do the workout too???

  2. Haha, I would love it if she would wear them! We actually were first drawn to them with Katie in mind...

    We actually worked out with a Jillian Michaels DVD at Katrina's and Deb arrived conveniently after we finished;-). She's going to be in her school's faculty basketball game, though... so let's not underestimate her athleticism! :-D